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Can we pay by credit card on the site?

Yes at the Castle for the hotel/restaurant. Yes at the reception for the locations and camping or shop. No for the brasserie.

To withdraw money, there are two distributors (ATM’s) in Neuvic (4km): “Crédit Agricole” and “La Poste”.

Can I rent a fridge?

Yes, you can rent a refrigerator. Please contact the reception upon arrival.

Where can we store our ice packs?

At the laundry, there is a freezer.

Do you have baby bed and highchairs for rent?

Yes, we have baby beds and high chairs in rentals. Please contact the reception upon arrival. No reservation is necessary. Please do not forget to bring your own sheets for the baby bed.

Are pets welcome?

Of course! We even have two special showers for dogs on the campsite. There are also several bins with special bags for collecting their droppings.

Are the evenings fresh?

Sometimes, we are just about 600 meters above sealevel (we are hardly bothered by mosquitoes!).

It is recommended that you bring a sweater for the evenings.

Can we make a campfire beside the chalets and maisonnets?

Yes, you must ensure to keep it a safe distance from the rental.

What are the days of arrival and departure?

Every day! You can avoid black Saturdays if you wish!