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Our castle campsite is located at Neuvic, a village of 1,750 inhabitants spread over 73 km2 in the department of Corrèze, west of the “Gorges de la Dordogne” and its 410 hectares lake, at an altitude of 630 meters.

The name derives from the Roman word Vicus Novus (New Castle), in the 13th century, it acquired city rights. Today, the main activitysources of income are agriculture and tourism.

Since the large Triouzoune Lake of 410 hectares was created, Neuvic has grown as a tourist destination.

Neuvic is also home to the Resistance Museum of Henri Queuille, which traces its origin to the time of the resistance in Haute-Corrèze, as well as the political life of Henri Queuille. In the villagecenter you will find also an arboretum that was built in 1817 by Jean-Hyacinthe d'Ussel.

At the lake, there is a golf course (2 x 9 holes) as well as outdoor sports station that offers a wide range of water and land activities.

The main shops are located in Neuvic, 25 km further, in Ussel, you will find a very wide range of shops.