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The nature on Domaine de Mialaret

"Domaine de Mialaret" is a unique scenic area of 44 hectares with a variety of broadleaved and coniferous forest. It has two fishing ponds, of which one with trout.

Next to the large mammals there is quite a selection of birds, such as the raven, the woodpecker, the jay, the goshawk and the buzzard. Reptiles like the salamander, frog and lizard. Countless butterflies and dragonflies, not to mention the squirrels, hedgehogs, sables and ermines.


In between the immense trees there are special sorts of ferns, carnivorous plants and wild orchids. In autumn you can search for wild edible mushrooms. At the estate you will find some 5 miles of walking- and mountainbiketrails, the adjoining estates are open to our guests.

Such an unique environment has a few demands: only very obedient dogs can be kept without a leash and you are requested to make use of the specially constructed pathways and mountain bike routes. Making a fire (knee-high!) is allowed and you can enjoy a barbecue.