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Wedding & Family

Experience the atmosphere of a unique weddinglocation!

Our Domaine is easily accessible from the major countries in Europe and is increasingly selected as a place for a wedding or a large family celebration.

We offer a choice of reception rooms in the Castle, the Brasserie or the Barn, each having its own  charm, with capacity varying  from 40 to 250 people. In all cases, they are equipped to accommodate a wedding dinner and a dance floor.

Your guests can sleep here; there’s a choice between an hotel room, a chalet or a maisonnet and also a safari tent or camping if its not too early in the season.

For 2017, we offer you this opportunity from April 15th to early July and from early May to late October.

In middle and high season, this is not possible.

Our Wedding Pack provides an overview of the many possibilities and rates.

This pack can be requested by email or phone: or dial 00 33 555460250